Project Island Mist

“Try to explain color to a blind person, and try to explain surfing to someone who has never surfed, they are very similar.  You can probably talk for days, but you won’t hit the mark.” -Dave Rastavich

A few days ago, Phil, Marty and I bought tickets to the Mentawai Islands. It’s officialProject Island Mist is a go.

And just like that, another dream, another item on the list, another defining /amazing /exciting experience is brought from the ephemeral world of daydreams into reality. As with all good adventures, it starts with no planning and the simple purchase of a plane ticket.
“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness…”
The plane ticket forces you to commit. Now it’s time to swing fully into the planning stage. And let me tell you, reports from the field indicate a 100% chance of epicness. When I was in Bali 6 years ago, I was still learning bottom turns. This will be my first chance to really give it a go in world-class conditions, and having not been barreled yet, you know ITS ON. Ima be on the lookout for that shiny green shack.

Preliminary research indicates… boomboomboom

The trip is about more than the surfing, sure. But without the surfing, it just wouldn’t, couldn’t be the same.Buckle up. It’s gonna be a gooder

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