Arrival in Bangkok

(this video is also a tribute to this one)

Bangkok. Haven’t been here since I was a wide-eyed teenager 7 years ago. Back then, my friends and I barely strayed from Khao San Road. This time, I’ve got maps. The city of 8 million is coming of age, newer, brighter, flashier, with new mass transit systems and plenty more skyscrapers. After the gawking stares of Bangladesh, the warm smiles of the Thai people are refreshing. They accept me and countless other farangs for all that we are.

There’s so much to see and do here:  temples and tailors, clothing and cockfights, markets and muay thai, monks and motorbikes, khao san and kathoeys, grand palace and golden wats, chinatown and little india. Historic neighbourhoods to get lost wandering in, canals to cruise along during sunset, the list goes on…

From pad thai to ping pong shows, welcome to Bangkok.