Ripped out of a book and posted in my locker in grade 10

When I was a young lad, I would sit for hours looking at our atlas, reading exotic names and imagining distant lands. When I would visit my Grannie’s, I would flip through 30 years of National Geographics, just looking at the pictures.

In Jr High, sounds of reggae drifted to my ears from the Carribean; palm trees whispered invitingly in the trade winds.

In High School, I put a black & white picture of Angkor Wat on my wall that I found in a French magazine from the late 70s and promised myself I would go there. It sat next to a full-on panorama from Mt Ararat.

When I was transitioning out of my teen years, I spent a semester backpacking around SEA and caught the bug. You know the one. After that there was no turning back…

I’m not sure where I’m going with this website, just like I’m not sure where I’m going in my travels. I wander, I meander. That’s just how I roll. Part travel journal/diary, part ramblings and hopefully part inspirational, it stands as my temporary home while I wander the world in search of nothing and everything.

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