February, 2011 

“One day I hope to say that I’ve seen the world. But that day is not here yet.” –Scott Wilson, Departures, Season 2

Growing up, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by an extensive National Geographic collection. Like any kid, I particularily I loved the photos of exotic cultures, fauna and flora, etc. I could sit there and stare at an atlas for hours, memorizing the names of exotic lands and imagining adventures in these far flung places.

A brief sabbatical to SouthEast Asia a half decade ago did little to slake the thirst for adventure, simply whetting my palette for travel and ever since, I’ve been chomping at the bit to head out again. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the ancestors whose blood runs through my veins are the ones who coined the term Wanderlust; Perhaps their spirits and echoes are that which tickles my feet.

Regardless, the past few years have seen me spatially trapped by other responsibilities

and activities whose time and place was at the fore, but which have now come to fruition. It’s time. Time to move on, time to head out, time to stop being surrounded by the day dreams and pictures and Youtube videos as vicarious stand-ins. It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve been able to put myself in a position which will allow me to once again head out for a good long ‘walkabout‘.

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” -Henry David Thoreau

It’s Tuesday and I am boarding the China Eastern Airlines plane to Shanghai, and begin my life as an expat. Mixed emotions of excitement, nostalgia, sadness and fear and something which can only appropriately be described as… stoke. It’s gonna be an adventure.

So to all my friends, wherever you may find yourself in life and on the planet, I invite you to join me in this adventure, whether here or in person. Stay tuned!

When we take a long imagined dream, formerly relegated to our thoughts, and breathe it into life… at first it’s hard to compute….. At first.